Paxos Island

The idea that a god like Poseidon has set his sights on this island has always made me think I had the right intuition. Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian islands 7 miles from Corfu, with an area of ​​19 km². Thanks to the large amount of olive trees, cypress and eucalyptus woods, the island is tinged with green, but the characteristic color is the blue of its clear waters. It is a magical place that conquers with its silence, its breezy climate, friendly and expansive but never indiscreet people. It is the ideal destination for those who love the truest and most authentic Greece, the one where they can take refuge. Just as did Poseidon, who created Paxos to isolate himself with his beautiful nymph Amphitrite.  

A bit of history
Over the centuries, little Paxos has attracted the attention of many invaders, we can see it from the presence of various styles that characterize the buildings, from the Byzantine, Venetian to the British. The history of the island is very troubled since there were many peoples who occupied it, first the French, then the Russians and the Turks, and finally the British who brought hunger and misery, forcing the Paxians to take part in the Greek revolution in 1821. But the difficult years culminated in the Second World War, under the command of the Germans, there were no provisions and to survive the islanders had to row during the night and reach the coasts of Epirus to exchange oil for wheat and corn.

The three beauties of Paxos: Gaios, Lakka and Loggos
Paxos with its charm manages to attract the traveler with an artistic soul. The one who loves direct contact with nature and its beauty, who wants to indulge in observing the view at any time of day, who loves to focus on the details and get lost in the streets and glimpses of the island.

What you can visit:
Gaios, the capital of the island, is a quaint fishing village. Its fjord is surrounded by an expanse of olive trees and the inhabitants almost all live off tourism. It is the main port of Paxos, which allows tourists to immediately savor the preciousness of the island. A small town with elegant pastel-colored buildings, typical of the Venetian style; not far from the center there are coves, reminiscent of natural pools, perfect for those who want to reach the beach without moving too much.
Lakka, born between two promontories, its horseshoe-shaped bay is hospitable and welcoming. Here the sea creates a rich palette of colors, hard to forget. There are two ways to reach this town: either by boat or thanks to the bus service, which I highly recommend trying, if you want to witness typical scenes of Greek life. 
Loggos, picturesque and elitist, perfect for a romantic dinner a stone’s throw from the sea shore or to spend an evening with sirtaki. The beating heart of the village is the port where the dinghies of the yachts of famous people and more land. It also hosts the International Music Festival, an event that offers classical music performances, which takes place every year during the week between the end of August and the beginning of September. 

A sea view holiday: discovering the beaches of Paxos

For those who love the sea, lying on the shore and being embraced by the warmth of the sun, Paxos offers numerous beaches with pebbles, each more beautiful than the other. I present some of them:
Harami and Kanoni, we are on the north coast, near Lakka. You can reach them by boat or by taking a short walk and trust me it’s worth it, just to see the turquoise of their waters.
Lakkos and Orkos, are located a few meters from Margarita Apartments. So if you decide to be my guests, you will have the opportunity to take a few steps and find yourself with your feet soaking in the water.
Monodendri, one of the largest beaches with sun beds and water sports attractions. Ideal for those looking for a more mundane environment and want to stay on the beach until late in the evening. Here the owner, Ben, plays a very pleasant music which, accompanied by a fresh cocktail, creates the typical and festive summer atmosphere.
In the Loggos area, the splendid Levrechio, Marmari and Kipos stand out, beaches to visit for their transparent and deep waters, ideal for those who love long swims.
Mongonissi: it is the only sandy beach in Paxos, popular with families also thanks to the presence of establishments that offer the possibility of renting umbrellas and sunbeds.

A sea view holiday: discovering the beaches of Paxos
A little gem a kilometer and a half from Paxos, so small that you can visit it entirely on foot. It can be reached with the boat service that depart, at any time, from the port of Gaios. An uninhabited island, a bit wild, which when it empties of daily tourists becomes absolutely silent.
There are no sleeping facilities, only taverns where you can refresh yourself after a long day at the beach. I highly recommend the place of my dear friend Iorgos, the Spiros Tavern, which will welcome you with a good wine and an excellent tasty octopus.
The islet is covered with olive trees, fruit trees and vineyards of very sweet grapes that produce a delicious wine. Its beaches, Voutoumi and Vrika, are characterized by soft white sand and crystal clear waters. For those who want to stay until sunset, I recommend climbing the 152 steps leading to the Bella Vista tavern, where you can enjoy local specialties accompanied by a breathtaking view, it will be a pleasure for your senses.

Where is Paxos