Special Weeks

Our knowledge of the island allows us to help you organize experiential weeks with various excursions included or vehicle rentals, individual for couples or groups.


On request we organize holidays for small groups of up to 12 people.


attività a paxos

Paxos + Bicycle

Enjoy a holiday full of sport and the outdoors, moving around the island by bicycle. We will help you organize your holiday by offering you the opportunity to travel around the island with electric bicycles, walking in nature.

appartamenti a paxos

Paxos + Boat

For those who wish to discover Paxos also by sea, we will help our guests organize a beautiful boat trip during their stay to discover the most beautiful coves on the island.

kayak paxos

Paxos + Kayak

For sportsmen and kayak lovers, Paxos is the ideal place to spend your holidays. We will help you organize guided KAYAK excursions and beautiful nature walks during your holiday.

yoga week paxos

Paxos + Yoga

If you are passionate about Yoga and want to practice it during your holidays, we will help you organize your practice, immersed in nature, with a very good teacher on the island.

Special Yoga Week with Melanie Camp

Book a special week entirely dedicated to Yoga, with our teacher Melanie Camp. In addition to a wonderful holiday immersed in nature between the sea and breathtaking beaches, you can practice Yoga every day and share this wonderful moment with other people.


Paxos to taste

Do you want to discover typical Greece dishes? We will guide you to discover the best restaurants on the island to taste typical dishes and local delicacies.

Margarita Apartments vacanza ayurved


You can enjoy a holiday discovering the uncontaminated nature of Paxos with walks organized by a nature guide in Paxos and Antipaxos during your stay.

Paxos to drink

During your holiday you will have the opportunity to taste the renowned Greek wine and oil at sunset in a breathtaking location, for a truly unique local experience.

Discovering the other Islands

Holidays are to be lived in style, with many special activities to remember. There are unique experiences and destinatios here in Greece.

paxos greece

Paxos and Corfu

If you decide to come to Greece by plane and land in Corfu enjoy a night on the beautiful island and continue your holiday in Paxos in the following days.

paxos greece

Paxos and Parga

If you arrive in Greece by ship, before coming to Paxos spend a night in the pretty village of Parga, to relive the history of Greece and enjoy the beaches of the coast.

paxos greece

Paxos and Lefkada

From white pebbles to velvety beaches, we offer you a stay in Lefkada after Paxos to continue your holiday immersed in nature, discovering this destination.

paxos in barca

Paxos and Ionian Islands

This package includes 4 days in Paxos on the mainland and 7 days at sea by boat to discover the other beautiful Ionian Islands.

Honeymoon trip

If you want to make your honeymoon surrounded by nature and sea, we can organize you a wonderful experience among the splendid Ionian Islands in Paxos, Corfu and Lefkada, with Margarita Charter. There will also be days on dry land.