Hi, my name is Camilla and I am an irrepressible vagabond. I love to travel and explore the world; backpacking and a ticket to a destination waiting to be discovered are my tricks to be happy.The sea has always called me to itself, I can’t help it, and it is thanks to him that I arrived in Paxos. Do you believe in love at first sight? I do, because that’s what happened between me and the romantic island of Poseidon.

Legend has it that the god of the sea threw his trident on the island of Corfu, so as to be able to detach a piece of it and thus create Paxos, an intimate place to reside with his mistress Amphitrite.

When I landed in Lakka bay, the feeling I felt was that of receiving a warm embrace, a place of peace where I could take refuge for a while. The welcome of the inhabitants of the island has fueled my love for this land and the desire to discover it more thoroughly.

I was able to see the most remote corners on my yellow Vespa, through long walks or, letting myself relax by the waves of the sea, finding extraordinary places that deserve to be visited.

This is why being able to host you and give you the opportunity to experience an unforgettable holiday has become a mission for me!